Special Mask

Collagen Mask

Collagen Mask

This mask is use for all type of skin and it helps to increase the skin elasticity and firmness and counteracts the formation of the wrinkles.

Caviar Mask

Caviar Mask

This mask is use for all  types of skin. Its transforms  the skin, firm it, give it a satin-look and replaces the tired skin moments ago.

gold mask

Gold Mask

That is used through skin care products is the ability of the gold to increase the radiance that can be seen through the skin.

Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C

Our vitamin c mask will deliver pure Vitamin C directly to the skin to brighten, support healthy collagen levels and neutralize skin-aging free radicals. Restore your skin’s natural radiance and clarity in just one treatment. This mask is use for all type of skin.

chocolate mask

Chocolate Mask

Serves to maintain softness, moisturize, tighten and refine skin. Chocolate also can slow the aging of the skin, including preventing wrinkles on the face.

papaya mask

Papaya Mask

We  can use papaya to treat or eliminate old dead skin cells, dandruff and other skin disorders (acne) and even to reduce the signs of premature aging.

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