Post Op Treatment

Post Op Treatment



After any plastic surgery is important for the patient to follow surgeon’s instruction to avoid complications and ensure the best possible result from your procedure. Is the patient responsibility to follow instruction at home and at the same time continuing the sculpting when we perform our post operative treatments.
It is important for the patient to know that the improvement in body contour will begin to be evident at 2-3 weeks after surgery and continue for 2-3 months.

Benefits of doing post op treatments:

When can the patient start doing it?

We recommend the patients the first treatment to have it 24 to 48 hours before surgery.
How many sections should the patient needs?
It is ideal to receive at least one or two post operative treatments prior to a procedure. There are many different things that can influence healing. Some patients get 1-6 treatments post-operatively and that is enough, especially if the only area of liposuction was the legs, knees, or flanks. People getting liposuction to the abdomen often find they require up to 12 sessions. Occasionally a client will need more than 12, when they get multiple procedures.

In what surgery is recommended to have post ops treatments?

Benefits of doing post op treatments:

What should the patient expect after the post op treatment?

The patient will feel more relaxed as through the lymphs help drain the remaining liquid after the procedure. At the same time we are going to sculpt the figure, with our unique technique to accomplish the desired result.

Can Lymphatic Drainege Help Me Lose Weight?

Lymphatic drainage was not developed as a weight loss method. (If it was, we’d go for treatment all the time!) It simply helps lymph resume its normal flow.

Because lymph carries toxins and cellular debris, blockages weaken the body. Lymphatic drainage is a good first step to a new lifestyle. We suddenly feel better, our bodies work as they should and we feel less congested. But regular physical activity and healthy eating are still essential to losing weight. When we move, we releases toxins, naturally activating the flow of lymph. Exercising helps us to maintain the benefits of our massage over a longer period of time. It also helps prevent new blockages from forming.

Anyone wishing to receive lymphatic drainage following surgery and/or for a major circulatory problem must have medical authorization.

Benefits of doing post op treatments:

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